What Are You Saying?


What does your business stand for? What’s the mission, the vision? Is your corporate messaging aligned accordingly? Communication is the currency in which humans trade. Nowadays, when people communicate perpetually and rapidly, it’s more important than ever to ensure you know your message and its perception.

Do you have representative mission and vision statements? That mission statement should entail who we are, what we do and why you should care. It should be lived authentically such that everyone onboard can feel it. On hold messaging, business cards, slogan, logo, signage, advertising, everything used to communicate internally and externally should reflect that mission and vision and evoke feeling. The most successful communications connect with the audience.

 You’re communicating all the time, not only with words, but also with gestures, with what you’re wearing, with how you present. You’re sending signals. If done strategically, you gain desired outcomes, and the reverse of that is true, rendering setting that mission strategically, communicating it effectively, and living it crucial. 

Individuals and organizations must be on point and on mission to achieve goals. People, and target audiences, make judgments instantly. What does your language, dress or environment convey? Are you communicating to progress in the way you intend?

Rhonda Overby, CEO



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