LISTEN to Talk Better.

Effective Listening requires trust.

Rhonda Overby

Communication is a powerful tool, capable of stirring every emotion imaginable, able to incite war, love, and everything in between. Organizations around the world focus on speaking better. The key to communicating better however is listening, really listening. 

Listening involves more than hearing. When something heard results in a string of thoughts, planning a retort or question, one is no longer listening. Effective listening requires trust, trusting that you will remember your question should it remain once you have listened and trusting that you will have an opportunity to speak.

Poor listening results in missed information and can lead to misunderstanding. Communicate better by listening better. If you understand your audience, you can foster better outcomes.

“Communication can incite war, love and everything in between; it’s that powerful.”

Rhonda Overby, CEO Camera Ready, Inc.

Camera Ready, Mass Communicating Made Easy!


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